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Image by Jess Bailey
Image by Jess Bailey

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​Together we repaint the world

Around the world, nonprofits, community organizations are the place to help young people build and develop their skills.

Often, these skills are transferred to young people through participation in community projects and ICY services that can complement and enhance the nonprofit's offerings.

Partnering with ICY you can access a wide network of organizations and volunteers with an interest in ongoing programs and goals.


Find tools and expert support for your organization's goals, in the easiest and most effective way.

Do you want to cooperate with us
and satisfy requirements below ?

Join us in our mission to empower youth and project management skills to help them achieve their goals of empowering themselves and making their dreams come true.

The focus on ICY partnerships

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We seek to build lasting relationships to help our nonprofit partners integrate project management into their youth programs and build their own project management competencies surname.

Our ideal nonprofit partners include:


  • Youth participate in projects in their program

  • The main focus is on working with youth 12–29 years old

  • Programs are actually implemented in at least one locality or 3 months have passed since the project was initiated.

  • Be willing to provide feedback on results and participate in other knowledge-sharing activities within our Learning Network

  • Interested in joining ICY as a peer co-creator.

What we offer to our youth-lead nonprofit partners:

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We understand that organizations has different challenges, and we do our best to provide support where it’s most needed. 

We offer a mix of the following services to our youth-organizations partners:

Program Development Assistance

ICY leverages its project management resources in partnership with nonprofits to enhance their programs and strategies. We also provide plenty training and support to help the delivery of the youth-lead organization’s mission, and enrich the building of key life skills for youth.

Ongoing coaching

We know that the long-term stability of these programs requires more than just a successful rollout. We provide ongoing coaching to our partners to help them overcome roadblocks and address change management challenges.



Connecting project management volunteers with youth-serving nonprofits is key to our refreshed strategy. 


ICY awards a limited number of grants each year to nonprofit organizations, supporting the incorporation of project management skills into their programs as well as internal capacity-building.

​Partner Network

A network you can join to


Connect with units with the same goals

Enhance members' capacity and strengthen organizational activities

Access diverse and useful resources.

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