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ICY is a community of young people who are dynamic, eager to learn, and ready to engage in social activities, who are building a community that adheres to the values ​​of learning and sharing, equity and equality, cooperation and development for all. We are the only youth organization that focuses exclusively on social change based on youth development.

Join a dynamic, passionate, and fun team that comes to work every day and from anywhere to put our values ​​into action.

When you volunteer at ICY, you are not only contributing to social change but also discovering how to conquer yourself and inspire others.

ICY is a dynamic growing organization where you can make a difference and be creative in any role. We hope to learn as much from you as you learn from us.

 While headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City with an office at 28-34 Pasteur Street, we aim to develop cooperation with local organizations across the country.

 Explore our extensive membership, internship and volunteer opportunities:



Join us in our mission
to empower youth and project management skills to help them achieve their goals of empowering themselves and making their dreams come true.



You are very important
to us. Through your valuable time, talents and skills, you can help us fulfill our mission. At the same time, you also find meaning in yourself in learning new skills, giving back, and building connections in your communities.



If you want to join
in engaging, interactive, experiential learning environment with a passion for community service, personal development, create social impact,  communications or youth lead programs;
we have flexible internship opportunities for a variety of position. 

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