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What's in the Bag?

Activity Type



5-30 Minutes


Medium 10 - 30


Relationship Skills

About the Activity



  • Paper and Pens to keep points total


Step 1:

Pre-TaskThe facilitator creates a list of 10 things people could have in their bag:The list should have about 7 ordinary things like:a black phone (or a silver phone, rosegold, etc.)
an environmental water bottle
a hair tie
a pen
a lip balm
a computer with at least 1 sticker on it
someone else's business card
a train ticket, etc.
The facilitator should add 3 obscure things like:a decorative stone
a skeleton key
a Rubik's cube
a candle
a yellow sharpie, etc...

Step 2:

Divide the participants into teams of 3-6 people and ask them to grab their bags/backpacks/etc...Give them a paper and pen to keep track of their earned points.

Step 3:

The Facilitator calls out random items one at a time.If you have the item get it out of your bag and stand up.For each item that the group has the team gets one point.
For any obscure item, the team gets 3 points.
Only 1 of each item per person is counted and the team with the most points wins.
You can count things people have on them, ie: in their pocket.
Feel free to customize items

Step 4:

Whoever has the most points wins!

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