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Activity Type



2-5 Minutes


Medium 16 - 30



About the Activity

At any time you ask people to share, make it abundantly clear that they have choices. They get to choose what and how much of anything they share about themselves. This exercise, indeed, any experience which intends to ‘break the ice’ among groups of people, must be wholly non-threatening.

Encourage people to share something about themselves that is not visually apparent such as clothes or physical features. However, you be the judge, for some groups this may be totally okay.

And in case it’s not obvious, the statements shared need to be true of that person’s experience. Therefore, statements such as “I HAVE NEVER WALKED ON THE MOON” while true, do not describe a person so much as it describes who they are not.

Sometimes, if your group is a little more reserved, you (as leader) may need to be the first volunteer, to provide an example of how the linking in common works.




  1. Gather your group in a large open space.

  2. Ultimate objective is to create one large circle in which every person is physically linked with two others.

  3. Ask one volunteer to stand with one hand on their hip, and then share one or more statements about themselves to the group.

  4. When someone from the rest of the group hears a statement that they have in common with the first volunteer, they are invited to link elbows with them.

  5. This second person then shares something about themselves to the larger group, to attract a new person to link elbows with them, and so on.

  6. This process of sharing and linking continues one one by one.

  7. To complete the circle, invite the last person to join the long chain of connections to share something about themselves to link with the very first volunteer.

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