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Activity Type



2 - 5 min


Small 8 -15



About the Activity

One of the most powerful benefits of these cards, when used in a conversation, is that the focus is on the cards, and not necessarily on the people. For some people, this makes sharing a lot more comfortable.

Beware – these cards clearly focus on emotions and feelings, hence this topic can make people quite vulnerable. To this end, consider your sequence, and the environment you have created to foster a safe place to share. When in doubt, always invite sharing in pairs or groups of three or four people.



  1. Lay all of the cards randomly on a table or the ground.

  2. Gather your group around the cards, allowing them a few moments to become familiar with them.

  3. In pairs, ask each person to pick one or two cards which reflect a feeling they experienced during the activity.

  4. Encourage people to share why they picked the card and why it was so significant to them.

  5. Allow two minutes for sharing.

  6. If time permits, re-gather your group and invite volunteers to share anything that they learned which they believed was significant.

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