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Celebrity Heads

Activity Type

Fun Games


15 - 20 min


Medium 16 - 30



About the Activity

Four is not a magical number of chairs, anything up to eight chairs works well. But nine or more participants is often cumbersome.

Applying sticky-tape or some other adhesive to a person’s forehead/skin/hair can be problematic. A simple alternative is to ask each person to wear a cap or hat, to which the index card is adhered.

Ideally, everyone will actually know the celebrities named on their card, but on occasions, this is not the case. To this end, expect some people to complete their task quicker than others. So as to not prolong the agony for those who are struggling, feel free to add an occasional well-timed clue to move the guessing along.

You are strongly advised to only ask for volunteers to assume the celebrity chairs. Forcing or pressuring some people to be the focus of everyone’s attention, especially if they cannot identify the celebrity quickly, can be very threatening. To prevent this awkward situation from occurring, consider your program sequence, and ask for willing volunteers only.

In case you’re wondering, it’s okay for other celebrities to lean forward to view the names on the cards of their fellow participants. Keeping them in the dark doesn’t add any value to the activity.


  1. In advance, mark the names of a group of celebrities on a bunch of index cards.

  2. Gather your group and ask four volunteers to sit in chairs facing everyone else.

  3. Attach one index card to the forehead of each person, ensuring the individual concerned does not see what is written on the card.

  4. Each volunteer’s objective is to identify the name of the celebrity written on their card by asking the audience as few ‘Yes/No’ questions as possible.

  5. Each participant may ask the audience one ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question at a time.

  6. The participants continue to ask questions until they have correctly identified the celebrity.

  7. The first participant to correctly identify the name of their celebrity wins.

  8. Continue until everyone has guessed their identity.

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