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Appreciation Mingle

Activity Type



30-60 Minnutes


Medium 12 - 30



About the Activity



Step 1:

Sitting in a circle, each participant writes a note to every other member in the group. This format can vary. When using this activity as part of a closure process, a suggestion is to use: “What I appreciate the most about you…” and “My challenge to you going forward is…” Request that all participants remain in the circle so that each person can see (and remember to write for) every other person.

Step 2:

Be attentive to the time it takes participants to write. Generally some participants need more time than others. Remind all participants not to write too much. Notice if particular participants are writing extensively on each note and suggest that they summarize in just a few words and deliver the rest verbally.

Step 3:

Once most participants are finished writing their note, invite them to mingle and deliver the communication. The communication should be delivered one-on-one, and shared verbally, with the post-it also handed over.

Step 4:

Once the Appreciation Mingle is complete, bring the whole group back together in a circle and either quickly wrap-up or do a check-out.

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