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Forms and Template

ICY understands that non-profit organizations, youth organizations operate in an enthusiastic and dynamic environment, accomplishing the task with individuals or organizations is to prioritize impact and effectiveness.

We use custom assessment forms and methods to determine what changes an individual or organization should make, when, and why.

This resource has been selected from a wide range of organizations that work with youth, from individual self-assessment to youth organization management and operation, which we combine with a hands-on approach, enabling youth organizations to achieve better results.

For personal use

Capacity assessment

Competency self-assessment form
Personal Planning Template
​Digital Skill Development Roadmap

Dependable Strengths



Personal Development

CV Template
Resume Template
Template Portfolio
Personal page builder template
Personal statement form



For organization


Needs Survey Form
Attendee Information Collection Form
​Member Registration Form


​Evaluation form after program implementation

​Volunteer Performance Evaluation Form

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer introduction

Volunteer assessment 
Volunteer experience journey

Volunteer certification

Operation & Cooperation

Master Action Plan Template

Template for Project Management by Progress

Invitation letter for cooperation

Organization introduction form

Fundraising project presentation template

Useful Resource

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